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Advanced Training


Continue your adventures and get the skills and experience you need to dive the world’s best dive sites, with SSI advanced training programs. Whatever your passion is, we have an SSI Specialty for your needs, because you can choose from over 20 individual programs. When you complete a certain number specialties, you’ll also automatically earn the SSI Specialty Diver, SSI Advanced Open Water Diver and SSI Master Diver ratings. These ratings display your competency and build a solid base for more adventures to come. If you can’t decide which Specialty programs are the best choice for you, take SSI’s Advanced Adventurer program! SSI´s Advanced was created so that you can try out 5 Specialty Programs before you commit to completing one or more full programs. It’s a great way to experience what advanced training is all about with the option to receive credit towards the full Specialty certification any time after. Save with our popular Divemaster Specialty bundle. This enticing bundle is a great way to get certified to dive deeper, enjoy longer dives, go night diving and more – ensuring you are on the right track to qualify for the coveted SSI Divemaster rating and got the necessary qualifications to fully explore the world’s most iconic dive sites.

SSI International School

Revision Bormes Plongee.jpg

You haven't dived for a long time and want to resume gently and safely?

The "Scuba skills update" program is made for you!

An online theoretical review course to do before your stay and a skills review dive to bring you up to date and then fully enjoy the wonders of our region...

specialty programs

Go towards autonomy

dive deeper and safer

know and respect marine life

more skills for even more fun

react, help, save

become a tech diver


Les bases de la plongée technique

Cours décompression avec bloc déco Nitrox

Nitrox avancé 1 déco

Utilisation du bi et déco jusqu'à 100 %

Bormes Plongee Extended Range Center.jpg
XR SSI Bormes Plongee.jpg

become a rebreather diver
CCR submatix mini quantum

experience recognition

Specialty Diver Bormes Plongee SSI

Level 2

You have completed a minimum of 12 dives and followed a minimum of 2 specialty training courses.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You are now on the path to autonomy at 20 m.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You will receive your digital specialty diver certification for free!

Autonomous diver Bormes Plongee Port Cros

Level 3

Recognition of your level as an experienced diver for a range of up to 30 m.

You have logged a minimum of 24 dives .

You have followed 4 specialty training courses including "deep diving".

You will receive your digital Advanced Open Water Diver card free of charge.

Bormes Diving Training

Level 4

Recognition of your level as a very experienced diver for autonomy in the 40 m zone.

You have recorded a minimum of 50 dives, followed the "react right" first aid training (or equivalent) and followed 5 specialties training including "diver stress and rescue".

Become ssi professional

Divemaster Bormes Plongee

dive guide

This program provides the skills and experience necessary to safely guide groups of certified divers. This is the first step towards an exciting career as a SSI Dive Professional.

Have you logged a minimum of 40 dives and have followed the "react right" first aid (or equivalent), stress and rescue, night diving, orienteering and deep diving training? Then you can start the Dive Guide course!

Bormes Diving Divemaster Port Cros

dive master

After having validated the Dive Guide, you must pass the "Science of Diving" program to automatically obtain the coveted qualification of Divemaster and the ability to assist "Open Water Instructors".

French diving school

Level 2 Bormes Diving Training

level 2

A training in 10 dives for a gradual accession to autonomy in the 20 m zone and supervised up to 40 m

Minimum age : 16 years old

Prerequisite : have a minimum of 20 dives.

Training on request, contact us to organize the session.

Level 3 Port Cros Bormes Diving Training

level 3

A training in 10 dives for a gradual accession to the 60 m zone

Minimum age : 18 years old

Prerequisites : have a minimum of 40 dives and at least 4 deep.

The Bormes Plongée "Plus": the guarantee of technical training beyond 40 m with an E4 instructor.

Session 2021:

  • from April 26 to 30

  • from May 17 to 21

  • from 07 to 11 June

  • from 04 to 08 July

  • from Sept 27 to Oct 01

  • from October 11 to 15

Group guide training Level 4 Port Cros Bormes Plongee

level 4

Internship and final exam, 8 days

Minimum age : 18 years old

Prerequisites : have a minimum of 60 dives and hold Level 3

The Bormes Plongée "Plus": A dive guide training focused on current diving practices and confronted with the realities of supervision.

2021 session:

  • from June 26 to July 04 (on request from 3 candidates)



Parental authorization for minors.


The medical certificate allowing you to dive (signed by a doctor). The self medical statement is not valid in France

Diving cards and log book are required.


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