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Port-Cros National Marine Park

An exceptional natural area, the Port-Cros National Park, created on December 14, 1963, is a unique territory that stands out for the quality of its Mediterranean landscapes, the richness and diversity of its fauna and flora, on land like at sea, but also a unique story. Rich in two hearts, the islands of Port-Cros and Porquerolles, and a maritime and land perimeter that extends from La Garde to Ramatuelle, the Port-Cros National Park hosts many professional and leisure activities, it is a living territory, a space for meetings, exchanges and innovation.
In 2023, the Port-Cros National Park celebrates its 60th anniversary!

Throughout the year, we will remind everyone of the magic of a territory that conveys meaning and solidarity, discovery and pleasure in the heart of a world in tension.
The many events offered by the Park agents and their partners will be distinguished in our calendar by the affixing of the visual "60 years" opposite.

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Dives in the National Park

A considerable asset of the Var dives, the dives in the waters of the National Park are richer, more beautiful and their fame goes far beyond our borders!

80% of the dives we carry out take place in this little underwater paradise with must-sees such as the Pointe du Vaisseau or the wonderful Gabinière but also other surprising sites such as the Pointe de Montrémian (and its ski slope), the very rich point of the Galere and the point of the Cross for its sometimes capricious currents.

The island of Port - Cros


Those lucky enough to take part in a full day trip in Port-Cros will take advantage of a stop on the island for dinner between two dives in the waters of the National Park.

A real moment of time !

Do not hesitate to ask us when the full days are scheduled or... just ask to plan one !

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