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Our values

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Around the values of national parks, Esprit parc national makes you discover the wealth of exceptional territories.


Esprit parc national reflects the missions of national parks and the involvement of the local actors who live there. For you, it's the assurance of a purchase that makes sense and a commitment to the preservation of biodiversity.


Esprit parc national preserves and promotes local traditions and know-how. It offers you products, services and production methods that are authentic and close to nature.


Esprit parc national illustrates the positive state of mind of the women and men who live, produce or welcome visitors to national parks.


Esprit parc national is in line with respect for the exceptional nature of national parks, cultural heritage, local actors and the populations who bring these territories to life.

Our engagements

An exceptional natural area, the Port-Cros National Park, created on December 14, 1963, is a
unique territory that stands out for the quality of its Mediterranean landscapes, the richness
and the diversity of its fauna and flora, on land and at sea, but also a sin-
regular. Rich in two hearts, the islands of Port-Cros and Porquerolles, and a mari-
time and land stretching from La Garde to Ramatuelle, the Port-Cros National Park
gathers many professional and leisure activities, it is a living territory, a
space for meetings, exchanges and innovation.


Inspired by nature, Esprit parc national allows you to get closer to it and to disconnect, during your stay, from the hectic pace of contemporary life.

Esprit parc national also allows you to put the exchange and the meeting at the center of your stay. Through sharing with men and women who are passionate about their land and their know-how, everyone will be able to reconnect with authenticity for a different approach to national parks, summer and winter alike.

Tomorrow we will be 10 billion humans on an overexploited, increasingly urbanized Earth. 

To live together in peace, we will need, alongside sterilized and controlled spaces, a share of freedom on the scale of our dreams, on the scale of our souls. Only wild nature, which escapes our rules, can offer us this share of contagious harmony, a source of peace.


“Reconciling humans with wildlife”

It is the North Star that sets the course for the LONGITUDE 181 association.

LONGITUDE 181 wants to bring together divers, freedivers, sea users, privileged witnesses of the evolution of the marine universe, but also the general public, adults and young people in particular, so that they become ambassadors for the creatures that populate it, so that their pleas, now inaudible, may finally be heard.

With you LONGITUDE 181 wants to be the Voice of the Ocean!

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