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Duration of outings: from 1h30 to 2h30
Supervision carried out by professional instructors as required by current regulations.



100% child course

A fun and child-friendly training course with a diploma!

And above all the mastery of all the basic skills of scuba diving to evolve with a qualified instructor at shallow depth.

Four scheduled sessions at the rate of one dive per day.

More than a baptism, and without waiting to be 10 years old to follow the Scuba Diver program, the training of "Small Amphibians" is a good opportunity to discover the seabed.

Accessible from 8 years old, this experience will perhaps be the beginning of a future passion!

Necessary conditions : Parental authorization and medical certificate.

Rate :

350 €/person

 + €25 digital training kit



Half a day at sea to discover the underwater wonders of our region.

Let yourself be led, your instructor takes care of everything!

Individual supervision by a professional instructor.

Minimum age : 8 years old

Immersion time : 20 min

Price from 3 people : 90 € / pers

Rate :

95 € / pers



A funny snorkeling trip with family or friends.

You will discover the shallow reefs and the diving sites of the National Park of Port Cros

All the equipment is provided (fins, masks, snorkels and wetsuits).

Minimum age : 8 years old

Conditions : Minors must be accompanied

Rate :

40 € / pers


Basic diver

Half a day at sea to discover scuba diving. A first part in the water dedicated to learning basic and safety gestures and a second part of diving to explore the site and discover the underwater life among the fish! To be done in one or two dives.

This service will allow you to validate the first session of your Open Water training (First level of diving).

Activity to practice with family or friends!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Level required: none, accessible to all

Minimum age : 12 years old

Immersion time : 30 min

From :

180 € / pers


Frequently asked questions about your first dive:


"How old should we be to do a first dive?"

From 8 years old


"Do we need a medical certificate?"

No, the medical certificate is not compulsory but you must be sure that you do not have any contraindications


"Can I dive with my girlfriend?"

The first dive is a private lesson and the instructor will take care individually of you. However, if the organization allows it, we try to start at the same time with two instructors like this you can meet underwater.

However, there is the Basic Diver course which will allow you, after a first part of technical safety procedures, to dive all together while exploring the dive site.


"How deep"

From 2 to 6 meters depending on age.


"How long does it take ?"

Half a day. We will set a meeting time, in the morning or in the afternoon. After distribution of your personnal equipment (wetsuit, mask, fins, regulator, vest, bottle) we will board one of our boats for a 20 to 45 minute cruise to your dive site. A briefing will be given by your instructor to explain the use of the equipment and introduce you to the flora and fauna that you will observe.

The divetime is between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the option chosen. Before and after your baptism, you can enjoy the site in snorkeling and observe the progress of other divers and the underwater life.

Back to the harbour is scheduled after 2 hours trip.

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