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Tech Diving

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become a tech diver

Nitrox avancé 1 déco

Extended Range foundations

An essential course on the basic techniques of technical diving: optimization of the configuration of its equipment, adjustment of its trim, mastery of positioning and stabilization, learning the different types of kicking, use of the reel and the spool ...

Number of sessions: 1 theoretical session (configuration), 2 dives

Rate: 140 €

Decompression diver

Increase your safety, learn to dive with a decompression cylinder up to 50%.


Prerequisites: Deep diving, Nitrox diving.


  • Use of the decompression cylinder up to 50% oxygen

  • Max DTR = 15 min (no accelerated decompression, secure profile)

Maximum depth: 40 m

Number of dives: 4 dives

Price: 280 € + 70 € online theoretical training kit

Extended Range diver - Nitrox confirmed 2

Master the planning of your dives according to your consumption and the gases carried, discover the use of the twin-cylinder and the optimized planning of your stops with a decompression block up to 100% O2


Prerequisites: Deep diving, Nitrox diving.


  • Accelerated decompression and up to 100% oxygen in the decorative bottle

  • Bi-bottle compulsory

Maximum depth: 45 m

Number of dives: 5 dives

Price: 375 € + 85 € online theoretical training kit

Rebreather diver

Learn to dive in a Submatix Mini Quantum rebreather and discover the incredible pleasure of silent diving, amazingly close wildlife and amazing breathing comfort!


Prerequisites: Autonomous diver


  • Be able to use a Submatix Mini quantum rebreather by diluting air

  • Maximum depth: 40 m

Number of dives: 5 to 7 dives

Price: 1250 €

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